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SAOKHUE Living is a member of SAOKHUE Group (www.SaoKhueCorp.com). Our team has over 20 years successfully assisting Vietnamese Entrepreneurs, Enterprises, Organizations, Individuals & Families for Investments, Business Set-up, Trade, Immigration, etc...  We are the Founders and Operators of the 02 Largest National Associations in Vietnam: Vietnam Real Estate Association (VnREA) and Vietnam Tourism Property Association (VnTPA), Foreign Developers Club in Vietnam and many other Business Networks.

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We serve 90 millions Vietnamese People for Happy Living!

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Suite 820, Paragon Saigon Building, 03 Nguyen Luong Bang Street, District 7, HCMC, Vietnam.

Email: vu.than@saokhue-living.com

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We organize Investors Events Every Week in Every Major Cities in Vietnam and other Countries